Do all guys that grow facial hair go through the "peach fuzz" stage?

I was wondering about this because the majority of the guys in my family have full on mustaches and beards. I was never there when one of them grew theirs out for the first time but have seen it on some former friends. When they grew theirs it was all light like peach fuzz forever before darkening. What I want to know is whether all guys go through that light peach fuzz stache when they grow facial hair for the first time or not. If you've grown facial hair before-did you go through a "peach fuzz" stage?


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  • Like with all other parts of the body, the "peach fuzz" is part of growing beards/mustaches etc.. like bisexuality, it's just a phase


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  • I'm not sure. For me, I can't grow a full beard. I have straight baby face. I did go through putsch fuzz stages though.


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