Noticed a number of guys with pierced nipples when at the beach is this a trend?

its not really something I'd normally notice or want to notice but I kept noticing guys with pierced nipples when at the beach the other day , I think I saw at least 3 pass by when I was walking along the beach. I just though it was odd so many guys there had them pierced but its not really something I think about and as a guy its not really a piercing I'd be that interested in having. although I do find the idea of girls with pierced nipples attractive not sure if girls find the though of guys with them attractive as well.


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  • I had a friend in high school who had his nipples pierced and honestly I think i made him look 10x hotter.


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  • NOOOO. It's weird. Awko Taco. DON"T DO IT


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