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Hi I'm mixed race, therefore my hair is pretty insane and unruly and a former friend kept telling me to straighten it. But I'm really tired of it now and I just want be my true identity to be seen by the new people I meet. Do I pull the natural look off fine or should I have it straight all the time rather?

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  • You do not look good. straighten it. Please.
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  • Linky no worky.

    • Add https:// in front please! :)

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    • What about "big" hair that's kinda soft? Is that good enough?

    • Sure. It looks good on you. I'm speaking from experience with a former gf that wanted straight hair so bad she would glue the stuff in place and the ends were sharp. She was trying so hard, I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd rather she had a big old fluffy fro for me to play with in stead. :-)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm mixed to and in my experience, guys love the curly hair. I get compliments all the time, even from strangers and most guys say my hair was one of the first things they noticed about me.
    If you just take really good care of your hair and it's healthy, it'll always look good anyway whether you're a 2a hair type or a 4a hair type. My hair used to look like crap till I started caring for it

    • What is 2a and 4a? :)

    • Sorry lol. There is this hair chart thing that some people use as a guide for hairstyles and hair care.
      2a is the loosest curly pattern before you can call it straight hair, and there's 2b 2c,
      Then majority of mixed people are in the 3a, 3b, 3c or 4a. I think Alicia Keys probably has 3c hair.
      Loads of the natural hair gurus on YouTube go by that chart, and now I just can't help it lol.
      Before I started actually caring for my hair, when it looked like crap, that whole hair charting thing saved my hairs life lol, thank god for YouTube and Google lol.

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  • I love that kind of hair! I've always been so jealous of it. It looks great on you!

    • Thank very much! I've always wanted straighter hair too and I guess you should try just not brushing/combing it ever if you want a similar look xD

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