Should a guy wear a blazer in the summer? If so, do you have any advice on how to wear a blazer in the summer?

In fall and winter I wear a lot of blazers, sweaters, ties, etc, and when summer comes I'm always at a bit of a style loss. I know they make summer blazers, but I was curious to whether a guy wearing them would look ridiculous. What if he wore a tie with it? Any recommendations on colors, and ways to wear it would be great.

Currently, I just wear a tie, shirt, and dark jeans/slacks when I go out. Would a blazer look bad with this in the summer?


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  • I don't think blazers have specific seasons. However, you can choose light colors for summer like white and baby blue.


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  • wear something that makes you feel confident and cool about yourself- it doesn't really matter what others think. i don't think that would look bad.


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