Is it supposed to grow back like that?

When I was like 13 I was really self-conscious about the hair on my arms. I decided to shave my arms and I regretted it ever since. I started letting the hair grow back. I think I should go back to shaving them again because I noticed that some of the hair is blond and some of it is brown. Why would is grow back in two different colors like that?


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  • When you shave in places like your arms/ legs it grows back thicker and faster each time. What you should do is either get it waxed or try using Nair.


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  • If it is to the point of you disliking it, waxing or laser removal would be ok. It possibly grew back like that because of the shaving. Quicker hair growth and all.

    I was like that when I was in middle school. Because I'm part portugese I had a slight notice able hair growth on my arms. I shaved them off and they grew back so off looking, but I didn't want to shave it off again.

    I went through highschool with slightly hairy arms, I mean not like unattractive hairy, but enough for me to be super self-concious. When I graduated I waxed them off and have felt better about it.

    I'd like to try laser removal but waxing seems more of the range at the moment.

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