Do guys like me?

I'm like barely 5ft. 2"

longish red hair

hazel eyes

im always smiling

BUT...i kinda just let guys walk all over me...i keep my thoughts to myself more...Do guys like that...? Or would they rather things be there way.? ...


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  • Be confident don't let people just walk all over you because it will seem like you are not worth their time if you cannot come up with anything good on ur own... and I like girls who can express their own opinions and can be passionate about their beliefs...


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  • Some guys do but I don't think you should go out with someone who likes that. Be confident and stand up for yourself its two people in a relationship. If the guy really cares he should want to her what you have to say. And hazel eyes is perfect.

    • Thanks...=]]

      Okay let me ask you this....Me and this guy dated for 11 months and then we broke up kinda.... like we still talk all the time and stuff...but I've always let him walk all over me and I've kinda always kept my thoughts to myself....Idk if he likes it or not...but I don't wanna sound weird being like do you want me to tell you what I think or ...?? ya know.... What should I doo??

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    • Not trying to jinx your relationship but if its meant to be, its meant to be, if not, so be it. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, especially for a guy.

    • Okay ill try =]] Thanks

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  • Don't let anyone walk all over you. Why would you do that? Doormats just get walked all over and used. Guys respect girls who have a mind of their own and don't just do something because they want you to. I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing to be quiet, but if you have an opinion about something express it. When you worry about trying to please everyone else that's when you fail. Set boundaries and don't worry about someone not liking you just because. Everyone isn't gonna like you and you shouldnt try to make them.