Guys & Girls: What color should I dye my hair?

Okay so :) I have very dark brown hair and I wanna change it a bit.

I've never dyed my hair. Ever. But now I'm down for any natural color. For now ;).

But in your opinion, which colors (natural not too crazy yet) would suit me best?

Use my profile picture as a reference :-) ty


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  • You have a beautiful skin tone! :)

    I think it would look best if you kept it dark but maybe just went one or two shades lighter or maybe added hints of a lighter brown in it. I think any of these would look lovely but specifically the rich auburn or dark golden brown. I'm sure whichever hair color brand you use will have different names for each color but something similar to what I mentioned would look very nice on you I think:)

    • Thank you so much! I love how descriptive you went with your opinion and how you went ahead and included an image for me to know exactly what you're talking about <3

      This really helped !

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    • Thanks for MH:)

    • You're welcome could've done it sooner but site wouldn't let me. Haters aha

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