I just got my Monroe Pierced, second thoughts?

i just got it done today and i think it looks cute! but I don't know why I've read that people find it trashy... its making me feel bad that i got it :( i kinda want to cry but i like it.. i just dont want boys thinking im trashy and ugly... I don't know what do you think?


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  • At your age, I don't see why you would care what "boys" think. Get a MAN. I find it sexy on some girls.

    • nice username lmao and im 18

    • Oh well then, I'll just have to first say. Thank you and when you learn to not care about what people say and have friends who do not mind, you'll be much happier.

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  • I personally don't see how a Munroe piercing is trashy. I like them.


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  • If a guy likes you, he'll be there and like you, not some piercing. Don't cry over such a little thing, it doesn't matter in all honesty as long as you believe you look good and whom ever likes you can accept you with it.


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