Please help with my terrible natural hair?

Hello, I have terrible natural hair and I have not a damn clue what to do:( I used to have decent hair when I was 11 it would stay pin straight but now (I'm 16) and got layers probably two years ago and have 3 Problems: 1. My hair refuses to grow, the layers are the same length as they were when I got them cut (very short layers, although my hair isn't that short probably little past my shoulders) 2. My hair is straight from the the roots to midshaft then it goes wavy and sticks out every which way and the ends curl up and out and 3. It refuses to stay straight!!! I have tried hair masks, straightening spray everything you name it and nothing is working!!! Please help me, also on a side note I have been using mane and tail shampoo and conditioner for about 2 or 3 weeks and my hair isn't as dry anymore but still can't work with it it's awful


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  • why don't you simply cut the ends or see the hairdresser to get some advices


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