I would like some advice/suggestions about glasses and hairstyle?

I would appreciate some advice on what style of glasses and also what hairstyle would help me look my best. And please explain why also in terms of face, features, etc. I guess the reason I am asking is that I have lost 25 pounds in the last 3 months and I just want to make sure my hairstyle and such are the best they can be. Thanks.
I have found some glasses that I really like, and the first picture at this link (even though it's not the best picture in the world) shows them on me. I would appreciate any comments on how they look. Thanks.
Oops, I can't include a link yet.


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  • well congrats on the lost of weight! GO ON! (I would say go on girl but you're not a girl) anyways, I loveeeeeeee guys who wear prescription glasses. So wear kinds rectangle black glasses

    • Thank you! It's taken some hard work and determination to lose the weight - I have less than ten pounds to go to reach my goal, but I'll get there. You'll be happy to know I was already leaning toward black glasses. Now it's just a matter of finding the perfect style for me. Thanks again.

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