Was it a basic comparison to a movie star or was it his way of saying that I am beautiful?

I like this guy and he gave me the nickname Inviable woman aka Jessica alba's character off of Fantastic 4. I think I look nothing like her and really don't! Am I missing the big picture or do guys see somethings that aren't there in looks? Was it a basic comparison to a movie star or was it his way of saying that I am beautiful? (I took it as a compliment. )


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  • So far as you looking nothing like her, it's probably because most humans tend to view their self-image less than what it really is. It could also be a certain characteristic on you.

    When I tell a girl she looks like some bright in hollysky star, it's a compliment. However, when a guy gives you a nickname. It usually means he associates you, your characteristic/s, or part of you/your body with that character. I don't know you, so I can't get any more specific than this ^ ^

    • Thanks! I appreciate the answer!

  • Maybe you have some mannerisms that reminded him of the character. Generally any compliment that isn't vulgar should be received well in my opinion. If you spend any more time with this guy, keep an ear open for the next compliment and see if it's still comparing you to other women. If the behavior lasts for too long I think he's only interested in the way you look or act and not in just you. Once or twice is okay and nothing to be worried about.

    Also, this is the Internet era and most pickup lines and compliments have been heard and circulated among women so often, it's a little difficult for us guys to express our genuine interest in the ladies. :)


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