Wardrobe malfunction?

Hey guys/girls (haha) i need help with an outfit i'm planning to wear for this weekend. Its for grandma ma's 73rd birthday. We are having it the city. Saturday is packed and i want to look like a million bucks. So i know i want to wear dark blue jeans and a black blouse jacket. Unsure of top (underneath jacket) and shoes. Dress code for this place in the city is neat, casual.

Thats my jeans


Help with shoes and insi


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  • Why do you want to look like a million bucks if there won't be any guys there?

    • There will be plenty. Its like Las Vega's but just in Australia haha. Pokies, gambling, black jack, restaurants, bars etc

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    • Lol freaking cold man.. Unless i wear suspenders under my dress. Lol i will keep your idea in mind though

    • Eh, I know people who have braved the cold

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  • A nice t shirt would do. I think that pink T shirt will go well with the outfit.


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  • A white vest style top will help it look casual and then if u add some brightly coloured shoes it will really help make the outfit pop, so maybe some bright heels, maybe pink but that's just my opinion

    • Im thinking no heels. I'm like 5'8", i don't want to be as tall as the statue of liberty hehe

    • Haha! Maybe some brightly coloured or pastel pumps? Just make sure they are comfy cos u really don't want blisters! P. s snot forget sunglasses especially in summer they would just make your outfit work! 😝

    • Yeah, true that. Something comfy. Its an evening party, happening at night. But yeah would of ripped out my ray bans and chucked them on! :)

  • I'm thinking a royal blue shirt with matching heels.

  • Do you want your shoes to stand out?
    What type of colours are you planning?


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