Should I keep my lip piercing?

I recently got my lip pierced and I'm still debating over how I feel about it. I'm not planning on keeping it a stud, as soon as I can I want to switch it to a black horseshoe ring. Obviously I have no tattoos either and I don't plan on getting any soon, so I don't know if that affects how it looks.
Yeah they're dumb pictures. I'm an asshole, whoops. Thanks for any constructive feedback though!


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  • I used to have my lip pierced, I had a labret stud in but it wears away your gums and teeth so I decided to take it out. I miss it though :( yours looks fine.


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  • I don't like lip piercings, but you are likely not trying to impress me.

    • Haha yeah, thank you for your feedback though!

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