How good does she smell?

AHAHA, i hope guys didn't come into my post, thinking i'm talking about a chicks vagina.

ok so basically i'm asking guys. With you, what perfume/fragrant should a woman wear to captivate you. To look back at her while she's walking away. That fragrant that leaves you in awe, and gets you to turn back around. Is it something fruity, or earthy? Strong or light? Tell me your thoughts..


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  • Honestly it all depends, like what flavor gum gets you? I like minty my girl likes fruity lol I like the one my girl uses simply because it makes me think of her, sometimes I'll randomly smell it on the bus, maybe another woman is using it or I smell something similar, but it makes me think of her. I would say wear something constantly, as long as it doesn't bother him and be subtle with it, just enough so he can pick up on it when you pass by and a few days he'll say something or maybe the first day you use it, you smell nice or I like that perfume or body spray mentions like that are clear cues, keep using it make him associate that smell with you

    • Just wear it constantly?
      You know what i did.. I sprayed it on his pillow ( guy i was seeing) he told me the smell just reminded him of me :D hehe

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    • Awww you guys go get a room 🙉

    • 😆 Yeah, anyway that's my opinion, all about getting them to think about you lol

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  • Something light definitely, strong scents annoy
    my poor nose, as I have an annoyingly good sense of smell.

    As to the actual scent/fragrance, I like fruity, flowery or natures scents
    like cherry, cherry blossoms, palm trees, roses and more.. ^.^

    • So a light nature smell?

    • Yes, something like that.

      I remember my first crush, it was kinda funny
      my friends and I were sitting in a lodge (school trip)
      and suddenly I caught that smell I knew all too well, I told the
      others "here comes___" they all looked at me, and
      then the door opened and she came in. Kind of funny. ^.^

    • Haha how cute! Just sensed her coming! (pun intended)

  • I like the fruity smell. There once was this random girl who walked by when I was talking to my friends and had some kind of really nice strawberry perfume and we just all turned our heads at the same time and went like "... wow." :P

    • Haaaaha wow, a walking strawberry!!! Was it strong or light?

    • It was either a really strong smell or she put on a bit too much but I still liked it, so if she'd put on a bit less it would actually be great!

  • I am not a big perfume fan. There are some I like but I have no clue on the name.
    but wow... if they could bottle pussy smell... that would definitely be my favorite.

  • I like lavender or lilac, very light.
    I like most fruity scents also very light.
    You want an essence, not to be overpowered

  • She smells like she's my weakness. Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love.


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