Girls, help with dressing up like a girl?

So i wanna try dressing up like a girl (im not gay, there is a big difference im attracted only to girls) and im looking for ideas for clothes to try on, and dress up in. Im not sure what to try on and I need some ideas or a list of really girly clothes, even over the top girly to see what it feels like. I want to go all out, so the girlier the better! Links are also greatly appreciated! Also outfits and costume suggestions are great too.


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  • Generally , pink and a lot of gliter. Like flared skirts ( so it'll be more comfortable on guys) and maybe tube tops with light coloured cardigans oover it. If you want to wear heels , wear wedges or coover toed high pumps! Go google a guy call Jefree star. Check out his videos on YouTube too. I think you can get a lot of inspiration for him. He's super fabulous! And I totally support you. I sometimes sneak into my brother's closet and weae his clothes (x


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  • It all depends on what your body is like, inbox me if you like and I'll help you. My friend cross-dresses for fun and is straight and I help him so I'm happy to help :)

  • i'm a girly girl and most of my stuff are pink and a peachy color. I wear skirts and stuff but not really i usually wear like shorts and pants with some really cute sandals most of my shoes are sandals and like two pair of jordans just in case it
    rains. i usually shop at forever 21 and rainbows.

  • Well I'm not a girly girl and usually just wear jeans and a t-shit but I just wanted to say this is awesome! :D Though for really dressing up and really girls go for a prom dress sort of dress. :D

    • Thanks :D. Prom dress would be hot! Should i wear any undergarments underneath?

    • I don't really know. ;o Never wore a prom dress or really any dresses so you might as well be asking a brick wall here. :P

  • That is weird just dress like a guy please


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