Have you ever used epilator device to remove your hair?

Hello GaG users, I am really wondering the answer of this question because I want to try epilator device for my underarm and leg hair removal. Some of users claim red bumps and irritations can occur after the epilation but nevertheless I will try to remove my hair with leg and underarm hair. Generally, I get it waxed completely then they look super smoth but one of my friend warned me not to get my underarm waxed because it can sag future, theredore I am afraid of this situation so I've decided to buy new epilator device. Braun epilators are said good by the people but Phillips and another (known) brands are also nice... Please help me about epilators and their functions...

Can I buy Braun brand like this one?



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  • I have a Braun one, I use it only on my legs. It's good, but obviously takes some time. The first times were tremendously painful, but it's important you smoothen your skin before or make it wet (I have the waterproof one). I tried under my armpits, it was too painful.
    Immediately afterwards I have red dots everywhere, but I use body lotion and it goes away in a few hours.

    • thank you so much for information :) yeah small red dots appear after waxing specially on my leg but they rarely occur on my armpit skin... I am afraid of ingrown hair symptoms...

  • Yeah once I did


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