Why is that when you call a woman...

cute beautiful etc.

that they think your weird and when a woman calls a man cute its nothing I don't get it


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  • Yes, the old double standard has never gone away. Girls can say just about anything without criticism. Look at Sotomayor, the new supreme court justice. She said a 'wise latina women can make a better decision than a white man.'

    No real problem. If any man had said ANYTHING close to that, about ANY woman, he would have been dismissed as a racist and sexist, and wouldn't have been apoointed to court janitor!

    But she's a girl, so gee, I guess it's OK, after all...

    And I'm not a Republican...it's just that the double or triple standard is really breathtaking, whether in personal life or in politics.


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  • What do you mean? It's not weird at all for a guy to think a girl is cute or beautiful.

    • To say randomly I meant like a girl calls a guy cute normal

      but when a guy calls a girl cute at random weird

    • Hmm... I think I kinda understand...

      Still, it's the other way around, isn't it? Guys can flirt endlessly, but if a girl acts too flirty or showy, she's labeled negatively.

      I don't know. I don't find it weird for a guy to randomly call a girl cute, but that's just me.

  • It's either the way you said it or when you said it.


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  • Its weird to call a woman beautiful? Hmm... I must have missed something. Perhaps its the way you approach it? Or perhaps its just you.

  • I think cause generally, NOT ALWAYS, its the guy doing the girl wrong so its not as unusual!? And how many times have you heard a guy call a girl an ass, not much compared to a girl calling a guy an ass.

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