Round shaped acrylics... would you wear them?

I found these round shaped acrylic nails and thought that they were cute... Would any of you ladies wear them?

ec0. pinimg. com/236x/eb/02/d3/eb02d3d9e758812ec438e95aa074dd78. jpg
Sorry ladies for the disabled link I hope this one works better!
I actually got my nails done in this shape. Here's a pic 💅


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  • The link is not working, but i know what you mean! I love my nails like that. Its more natural looking then getting that "square look" which looks horrible and people who see it would know they are fake nails. But yes if you go toget a pedi get something like that done. I won't be visiting anytime soon, i've grown mine out.. XD

    • Lol lucky! I I wish I could grow mine out but they won't grow. Sometimes the square tips can be cute if their cut short, the long ones look nasty lol 😂😂

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    • Thank you for MH lovely :)

    • No problem love 😄

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