House party, but with adults.

Not sure if this should be under "other" or style, but since I dk what to wear, ill put it under style

I got invited to a fellow workers party at one of their houses. Its just gonna be a house party like any normal teenage house party, just with a few adults, as well as the girl I like (don't worry, she's just a year younger than me, and I'm 20)

I want and really need to try and impress her, I dk what to wear. See I'm a '90's kid (not born, but raised, haha fresh prince) so I tend to wear a lot of ripped jeans, and a tee, that look being from the '90's. On occasion ill get a little dressier, you know for nice events. She's seen me in both, because there's no dress code at the library where I work, I just can't wear open toe shoes or a baseball hat. She likes either look, as she talks to me, whatever I wear. But, I really want to impress her at this party, so what do you suggest I wear? Yes I know, I don't need to go formal and wear a suit for a party like this, but I just need something that will make her go "WOW! I want him", lol.

also, any tips on how I should act around her at this party, would be helpful

thanks in advance


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  • As to what to wear, I can't be of much help, as I don't know what you have in your closet. I only suggest that, given the nature of the event, you keep it casual so as not to look like a flower in the desert. As far as how you should act goes, it's best to take a deep breath and just be yourself. This will save much wasted time and effort, as she is bound to find out what the real you is like eventually.