Is unlayered loungewear okay when home alone?

If you're hanging around the house and the inside temperature's relatively pleasant, is it normal to wear a hoodie or sweater by itself (without a bra or base layer)... or that considered classless?
Sorry, I should probably clarify, lol What I mean is, when a hoodie is worn as loungewear, is it meant to be worn over something else?

I'm not too concerned with fashion faux pas or anything... just a bit curious what's normal :)
last chance for MH

what i'm trying to understand is what's normal for loungewear base layers, across the board
I know that I can wear what I want, but I'd feel silly wearing something in a way that it wasn't intended, lol


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  • darling when you're alone in the comfort of your home all hopes of being classy go out the window, there's nobody to see you so there's nobody to judge if its classy or not. stop giving a damn what 'classy' bitches think of you, if they call you unclassy for that of all things, then they are haters. There ain't nothing less classy than a hater.


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  • As soon as I get home I prefer to go naked at all. It really feels more comfortable. No strings attached to your body. And that way your skin breathe better. Lol.

  • Its your home wear what you want :)

  • i never wear a bra or anything when im at home but when im alone i usually just go naked haha do whatever you want in your own home no one will judge


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