What do you girls and guys think about crazy hair colors? (on both guys and gals)

I, myself have been through that phase!

So I was just wondering, now that it's becoming a trend..
What do you think about it?

And would you consider dating a girl/guy with for example blue hair?


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  • Depending on which colour a person has
    it does look good one some people.

    I'm not sure if it's considered a "crazy" colour
    but personally I like white/silver'ish dyed hair. ^.~

    • It should go under "crazy" as the crazy colors are unnatural colors :)
      But silver hair is so cute!!!

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    • Yeah I believe dyeing ones hair is fine, as long
      as you do it for yourself, because you want to do it
      and not because someone else had/made you.

      The most important part is deciding for yourself
      and liking what you've chosen.

      I can't even imagine changing back to
      a normal colour anymore, even though
      I probably will at some point. ^.~

    • I know that feeling hahah :D

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  • I don't mind them on teens/people who are in their early twenties, but after a certain age I'd say that it starts getting a little... old? :P Haha. Like, I feel like it's something younger people should experiment with because they're trying to find out who they are and what they like and dislike. I'm not judging older people who do it. I just understand them a little less than I understand teens.

  • I absolutely love it. I've been trying to decided on a freaky colour for ages (e. g. purple) but I don't know if it'd suit my skin tone. As an 'alternative girl' (to use a style label) I love unnatural colours on both genders. It's nice to see crazy colours become more popular since it was practically only an 'alternative' thing a few years ago (as far back as five or six years).

  • I think it's weird

  • yeah they look cool

  • They always strike me as someone who is starved for attention and I feel bad for them.

    • I'm sorry to hear that :(
      In my case, I got inspired to do it because of Hayley Williams from paramore, when I was 16 :D

      But I think that before it got trendy it was attentionseeking people...

      But since americans next top model had a pinky haired girl there, everyone's pink!

  • They look really cool, even though I wouldn't dye my hair like that. However green doesn't look as good as other colors. But it doesn't tickle my butt who dyes their hair and which colour.


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