Girls, how do you break in your heels? Have you ever tried Louboutin?

I can not walk in stiletto, I would either lose my balance every few steps, or ended up with hellish pain around my feet. I heard that Louboutin is dreadfully painful, is it true? What are some brands you could suggest for stiletto? And how do you break in your heels? I can't seem to be able to grow accustomed to it. I prefer wedges in general, but I would really like to walk in stiletto for some parties, so please, some advice?


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  • The highest heels I have are about 4.75 inches. I broke them in by spending several hours in them for 3-4 days. Just wear them for everything- from making breakfast to walking up/down stairs to vacuuming lol. Keep them on. Practice makes perfect.

    I've tried on a few Louboutins before... but they are wayy too expensive to purchase. At this time. :p

    • I should also mention that the Louboutins were... almost impossible to walk in. I was like holding onto the walls LOL. They look SO hot when you cross your legs though.

    • Yeah it's too expensive now, but they are so hot indeed. Thanks for the advice!

    • No prob :)

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  • Start out with a shorter, thicker heel e. g. a platform and build your way up. Don't jump shoe heights and if you're used to wedges then perhaps go for a skinny wedge, then once you're used to that you could try a tall-ish thick heeled shoe and continue like that.

    • Thanks, I guess I can only manage to use the 3 inches for now, lol

  • If you want to walk better in heels you really need to practice. Wear them at home.

    Or to feel more secure in heels you can try and wear heels with a thicker heel. Its easier to walk in those than in heels with a thinner heel (like Louboutins).

  • Jimmy choo!!! And the christian louboutin aketata pump is extremely tolerable, I have them and walked in them for 4hrs

  • No can't walk in heels


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