Am I really hot or am I really not and how's my style of dress?

in fact some old lady smiled and wicked at me on the bus once. Other then that one model agency told they don't present male models but they replied.

28 never had a date and sometimes I say hi to women in class they ignore me and never sit next to me.

my style dress pretty average and what I can afford.

when I pass by strange women they look up or have a nasty look when my expression is even blank.
Im used to being nothing special and watching other guys get tried like humans.
I hate fact that not special and just everyone else is. they women friends.


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  • if they don't like you the way you are they don't worth your interest! dress up the way you feel comfortable and stylish and don't care about what others say!


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  • I don't see what your style is except from your profile pic above. Can't really even see your face either but honestly, I would lose the hat and shirt. I wear hats all the time but baseball hats. I'm not fashionable and I dress like any casual guy. First impressions are everything with women. If I were you I'd go to WalMart, get some jeans and a flat colored t shirt, try that for a while and see if that changes anything. I got way more attention not by fashion, but by my aura or personality. Being funny, kind and sensitive to others. I'd have to know more of who you are before I can say if it's surely your fashion or not.


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  • The stud muffin is back


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