I'm a college guy what should I wear tomorrow its going to be about 85 degrees?

So there's this girl I haven't seen in a while and I'm going to see her tomorrow and my dilemma is I want to dress nicely but its going to be really hot out but at the same time I don't want to give off the impression that I'm dressing well for her if you know what I mean so what should I wear


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  • A V-neck and cargo/khaki shorts. SWOON.

    • Perfect choice its what I had laid out exactly what should I wear for shoes? and should I wear some black nike socks?

    • What do you have for shoes? Avoid tall Nike socks if possible

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  • Well, if it's going to be that hot you should throw on some khaki shorts and a white tee shirt, or maybe a nice muscle shirt - that'll look absolutely perfect! You look nice, but it seems like you're not trying to.

    • That is exactly the outfit I had its a white v-neck and some khaki colored cargos!! My mom was wrong I do have a fashion sense lol oh what should I wear for shoes? and should I wear some black nike socks

    • you could wear sperrys if that's your style

  • 85 degrees? WTF how is that even possible, id be walking around in my underwear in that heat

  • A tank & some shorts.

    • I thought girls didn't like when guys where tanks in public i thought you guys thought it looked trashy

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    • Yes my arms are pretty cut and my chest are a decent size

    • Okay well it's hot outside so I don't see what's wrong with a tank top. Plus you'd look good in it.

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