Should I go to a salon or barber?

I'm leaving for college in a week and want to get a more fashionable new hairstyle in the hopes it helps me attract more girls. I'm thinking that if a woman cuts my hair it will work better than if a barber does the job. However, I want to keep it masculine and not look "gay" (nothing wrong with them I just want to attract girls not guys). Am I right to go to the salon or should I stay with the barber?
Just to clarify, I don't know how I want it cut and am going to get advice from whoever cuts my hair. I am really wondering who will give me better advice.


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  • There is no all powerful chick magnet haircut, every woman likes different styles. So what you do is get the haircut that you think makes you look your best.

    • Yeah I know but I don't really know what makes me look my best and I need the salonist or barber to give me advice. My real question is who would do a better job at that.

    • I'd say go to a barber and get a dude to cut it, know why? You don't ask a trout how to fish, meaning guys give better advice in getting girls than women do.

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