Girls, do you notice what a man is wearing?

If you do how much do you notice. What aspects of a man's clothes do you notice the most.


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  • This 'Question' caught me off guard, and in my mind, the First thing that Comes to Mind is: If he is wearing a wedding ring. From a distance, I will look him up and down, noticing his Shirt, then pants..
    Up close, More personal, I have him in front of me, and after I look at his face, I will start for his----Left hand... Then to go on, noticing what he is wearing. And Again, the Shirt he is wearing is an eye opener to me... xx

    • "You look him up and down" checking out the complete package?

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    • Thanks, sweetie... Nice talking to you.. You seem nice too... I meet many nice people here... xx

    • Your so so welcome sweetie... xx :)

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