Most embarrassing moment

Mine is when I was 11 I was messing with this duck and I closed my eyes for second and I see this duck charging me and it grab me by the crotch of my paints and wouldn't let go and good old dad is just watching and said I scream like a girl,i get out of my pants hiding behind a trash can and the duck took my pants then I ran off

10 min later dad found and told me the cops came by saying a little girl was screaming

come on right your story's or other comments


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  • haha that's a good one. mine isn't nearly as bad.

    i had a huge crush on this boy third through fifth grade but never told him. one day I looked over to see him walking down the hall with a few other boys, all with their pants up really high. And (being nine and all) I wanted to join in to make him think I could be funny too. I was wearing really loose sweats and was able to pull them all the way up to my chest. He saw this and wasn't very happy. but instead of telling me he thought my pants were too high, he pulled them down...a little too hard.

    • WOW everyone saw you lose your pants

      but no one saw me beside my dad but wow

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