A guy with some hair trouble, help!?

I tend to try and keep my hair fairly short, in a business cut and parted to the right, but the problem is that the hair in the back tends to stick up like crazy.

I have very soft hair, and I'm talking crazy soft, but because of that when it is short (and even when it is longer, though it is less noticeable) the hair at the back of my head starts to stand up. I don't mean a few Alfalfa style hairs poking up, but the entire back poking up rather than laying down, much like the hair at the back of your neck.

Is there a way to fix this problem that does't involve any large amount of gel, or anything of that nature? And is this something that is instantly noticeable to other people?


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  • I wouldn't imagine it to be that noticeable, but if it's really an issue then the only thing I can imagine to suggest would be a hair styling product like American Crew styling cream or some light hair wax, these products won't make your hair crusty and dry like hair gel but will keep those flyaways down.


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