What should I wear when I do presentation at school?

Hello, friends. Coming Sunday, there's a 3-minute presentation at school. It's a just small presentation. I will present to my classmates and my teacher. However, I'm not sure how to wear to support my presentation and to show mutual respect to my audience, my classmates. Please advice me.
Thank you.


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  • If it is a college class "business casual" is usually the best choice. If you are really worried you can email the professor and I'm sure they will let you know what the norm is.

    Unwavering confidence in what you are wearing is just as important though. Look good feel good but remember the most important part is how well you present =)

    good luck


What Girls Said 1

  • What is your presentation about? What do you normally wear?(Like jeans and tank tops, jeans and hoodie, sweats and hoodie, dresses/skirts)? I don't need details or anything, it's just easier to advise when you know what someone is more comfortable wearing. : )

    • Ok, Belle. I usually wear according to my mood; shirt, jeans, and Myanmar traditional clothes. I hardly wear skirts. So when I wear shirt, jeans and traditional clothes, I'm comfortable. However, I want to be sure which outfit is suitable for the presentation although how I present is the most important.

    • Wear something that you would wear when you are really happy.
      It will give off the feeling of someone who is comfortable and confident and will translate in to how you present. If you go in confident and happy, the audience will notice that. : )

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