Most embarassing wardrobe malfunction you faced?

Most embarassing wardrobe malfunction you faced (with you or your friends)
Anything happened in front of you can also be shared


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  • i once forgot to wear panties when i wore a skirt because i was in a big rush :/ the wind blew and lifted my skirt :/ several guys whistled at me (/)(\)

    • oooohhhh peek a boo..
      The worst part would have been , guys started watching exactly at the same time..

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  • Nothing really...
    I wear clothes that are my size, so... no mishaps. =)

    I do sometimes get my sleeve stuck on the door handle (when the sleeves are wide and big)... hahaha

    • Hahaha
      hope no one is watching you then :P

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    • Really? I thought clothes made in India are pretty nice quality...

    • Clothes are nice , but few girls wear low waist jeans and rest is understood ;)

  • I went to bed wearing a yukata one day (without my bra) at a hotel. When I was woken up by my roommate, I noticed that my yukata had gone loose on top. That was sooo embarrassing.

    Another time when I laughed hard (I think I bent while laughing- hope I didn't!), when I was not wearing a bra.

    And I am happy that the people around were nice enough to act as if they haven't noticed a thing. :) To save me from embarrassment.

    • And your room mate was a female?
      I think when its same gender, its less embaraassing

  • Does Sabotage count?

    a 'friend' pulled the strings on my top when I was swimming with him, my step-father and step brothers.

    • that would have been , especially with step brother and father

  • That time when I wore a new dress and its zipper came undone. Omg and it happened in front of my crush~! :(

    • Aww , that sucks.
      hope you were wearing inner wear

    • I was. Don't worry. And my hair is long so it was pretty covered up.

    • Yeah , hair is blessing in disguise

  • I wore pink shorts for gym class and you could see my white polka dot underwear underneath them! I had to keep pulling my shirt down and it didn't stretch!

    • And there were many guys in the gym class?

  • skirt caught under backpack while I was walking in front of my crush. 5th grade.

    • 5th grade is a relief..
      would have been forgotten by now
      and thankfully in 5th grade that time, no one was bringing camera to school

    • well now that I think about it, it was 6th grade lol What a huge difference, huh? lol
      The jerk. I gave him a peek and he still didn't like me back =(

    • Awww.. stupid him..
      You showed him THINGS which he could see only in high school :P and he did not like you back..

  • One time when I was younger my dress got tucked into my panties... lol

    • hehe well that is common.. i hope someone informed you soon :P

    • Thankfully yes lol

  • I used to wear crocs when I was little, I don't care what you wore, nothing is worse than crocs


What Guys Said 1

  • My shorts fell off when walking out of the school bathroom. I just laughed, pulled them up, and kept going towards class.

    • haha well great.. !!
      good that you take it sportingly ;)

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