Disney Princess fot hire auditions? Help?

So I am auditioning to be a Disney princess for hire. Basically I go to childrens parties dressed as a princess and do a few options of the following, based on the package:-
- Pedicures
- Hair with princess clips (clips included)
- Princess games
- Tiara Craft ($10 additional charge for up to 10 kids, 11-20 kids, $20 charge)
- Temporary Tattoos
- Face painting
- Princess cupcake or cookie decorating (you supply the goodies)
- Princess make up
- Photo opportunity
- Letter or pictures to their favorite princess
- Dancing (you supply the music)
- Sing along
- Story Telling

I don't know what I should prepare for my auditions? Also, what should I wear? Should I stick to Disney songs for the vocal audition? Which Disney Princess do you think I resemble? (I am at a loss)

So the company has gotten back to me. I have been asked to audition for Rapunzel and Elsa, and they cose songs for me. (SUPER stress relieving) Auditions this next week. weeeooww


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  • Omg this is soo cool I'd kill for this job! And unfortunately I would only have one option considering I'm black which is Tianna from the Princess and the Frog (and even then I'm still too pale/light) But I'd definitely want to be Ariel and sing Part of Your World =(

    But with you you have many options... As fot classic I'd say Cinderella would be the easiest to pull of but the only song she really sings is A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes or So this is Love... I'd go with the first one adding some originality to it. Or whatever other song you can think of.

    If you don't mind getting a wig or dying/cutting your hair you could pull off Snow White... as for what snog I don't know I barely made it through the movie her voice was torture!

    And if you're willing to go with a newer one instead of a classic Rapunzel from Tangled is a good choice you'll probably need a longer wig though. What song? I'm not exactly sure I don't really remember them but just look it up and whatever you like best.

    But personally if I were you I'd stick to songs from the film... Really get into character, show how much you want the job, and how amazing you are.

    Oh I'm sorry another one that could suit you is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty maybe a slightly longer wig but you would look pretty as her also... Sorry I don't know her songs either.


    • Honestly besides the color of your hair I'd say you pull off Snow White the best.

      Your appearance facial structure etc really becomes her.

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    • My audition is on Sunday. And they chose the characters for me. (Which relieves a lot of stress for me) They asked me to audition for Rapunzel and Elsa.

    • Well I'm sure you'll do great =)

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  • Well considering the fact Disney princesses are not humans you do not resemble any of them. But I don't know why I keep thinking of Ariel. So Ariel maybe

  • One of my friends told me if you want to work at Disney as a princess you have to wear a wig, but they may make an exception for you. :) you could be basically any of the white princesses with a wig, you could be Elsa, or you could pull off Ana with a wig, or Snow White, but you look a lot like Cinderella too.

    • You do! And this is not to work at Disney, but to go to themed parties for children. I'm too short for Disney resorts or themeparks and my nose is too big. and thanks! :)

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    • mmm, yes I understand :-) You have a face that will work for many of the characters with the correct makeup! :-) Do you sing?

    • I do! I'm so unsure on WHAT to sing fot my audition!

  • well definitely a blonde princess unless you plan to wear a wig. are you allowed to wear wigs? cause im having a hard time thinking of princesses with short blonde hair:P

  • Well since your white with a little makeup and a wig or hair piece you could be any white princess you want.

  • With some hair extensions you could easily pull off Rapunzel from tangled or Elsa from frozen she's in high demand for sure

  • I don't know when was this asked but I think you resemble Elsa and Rapunzel.

  • I don't see any resemble to be honest but I would pic Elsa


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