Does anybody like the band 21PILOTS?

I really love this band and no one seems to know them... does anybody know who they are?
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  • They are ok, I only like some of their music. I really like Migraine though.


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  • Never heard of them

  • I have never heard of them before.

  • Yeah, there are actually very well known, they played a late night show (the Tonight Show, I think) and the Alternative Press Awards. They are pretty terrible, no offense.

    • I think your talking about a different band

    • Not really. A drums and piano duo who occasionally wear masks on stage.

  • I lose all respect for any band who raps.

    • Seriously? That's so closed-minded!

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    • What is so bad about a band that can say words at a fast tempo that means something and isn't just a pile of swear words compiled into a beat rapping is music but only Is really good when done correctly this band is doing it correctly so please shut your pie hole because this is my favorite band

    • rap is spoken word poetry, not music. and please learn how to use a period.

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