How's the best a geek can look?

Most preferably girls, describe the best I can do as far as fashion, being a geek with glasses and little money? (Outfit styles, hair styles, etc.)


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  • Awww geeks are cute :3
    Okay first things first - as cute as your shaggy hair is, cut it short like crew cut like:
    Glasses- I love it when guys wear glasses. Especially when they have a nice jawline and stubble. But since your glasses are round it makes you look more childish. For a more manly and mature look choose rimless glasses with a rectangular frame like:
    You have nice eyes, so show them off :)
    lastly, I'm not a huge fan of your beard but with some good grooming - maybe a shorter beard/stubble, you'll look very manly and hot :)

    Also your smile is very sweet and angelic so it gives you a slightly feminine look and kind of strained. Next time smile naturally with your teeth showing and don't over tense your mouth's muscles. Or you could do those half smiles like the guy listed on top if you can perfect that sexy smile ;D

    Hope I helped. All the best!

    • Wow. Thank you very much. ^///^
      As far as the glasses go, I happen to,(hopefully soon), be planning to go get new ones already. My beard I could try to remember to shave it more often. The smile, though... well, I'm shy about many things, including my teeth... (rolls eyes at self) lol Silly, I know.

    • No problem! and thanks for the MH :)
      Don't worry some girls really like shy guys but not antisocial people or loners, so work with what you have and you'll be quite a catch ;p
      All the best :)

    • Remind me what "MH" is? ^^;

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  • I am more on athletic side but got 4-7 pm geek brahs. And being with em since our junior high days I can tell you that you gotta stop at stereotyping first. And if you doin that for chicks, You can just go in casual skinny guy wifebeaters and shorts and get megan fox. Altho to answer strictly that..

    Polos, Athletic shorts and em glasses with buzz cut


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  • You've got a Steve Jobs thing going on. Do a little something different with your hair, maybe some highlights. Sexier pair of glasses and welcome to the land of the cool. But remember "cool" is only 40% looks and 60% attitude and by attitude, I mean confidence. I certainly don't mean cockiness. Guys get the two confused all the time. Good luck sexy!

    • I don't know what makes glasses sexy or not. As for confidence, I'm shy...

  • show off your personality. i have always dated geeks and i have never cared what anyone has looked like.

    • Tips for shyness, then?

    • well I've always thought a bit of shyness was a good thing. but you are right. there IS a time to show off your confidence. i smell a bit of pine needle essential oil. it helps me a lot. but also, if you are nervous about any outcomes, list everything that could go wrong and decide what a course of action. try day dreaming a bit before to feel out how the event will go.

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