Urgent fashion help please!!!?

I'm packing for a weekend away and need help ASAP!!!

Would a dress like this be ok to wear for a nice dinner out?

But instead of the colored beaded part my dress has sequins.


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  • How nice of a dinner? Like $75 per meal steakhouse. Or $125 per meal french place where the waiters pull out chairs, put a napkin on for you, show you the raw food for you to select from, etc?

    In my opinion I think your dress is nice for the steakhouse not the french place.

    • That's what I was worried about. It's in between the two I would imagine. My bf didn't say, I was just told to bring something nice and that there's a dress code. What do you think?

    • I'm so sorry to say this but then I would bring something a little nicer or have 2 options and ask him. I always think it's better to over dress than under dress.

    • Completely agree. Thanks for your help. I'll being a few more options

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  • It's fineeeeee. Why would you need to ask us


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  • depends where you're going for dinner. if its a casual place then sure that would be fine but if its a fancy place try a button up, statement necklace, bracelet, and dress pants with flats or 3 to 4 inch heels or a peplum top with a blazer and dress pants.

  • years ofcourse looks very elegant


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