Fancy Hair vs Normal Hair vs I've given up hair vs No Hair?

Now that men joined the fashion and stylin' sphere and have more than 5 hair style.
Which one do girls find more... alluring shall I say.

Fancy Metro not homo hair?

Joe blow hair?

I've given up hair?

or... Who are you calling bald hair?
  • Fancy metro no homo hair
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  • Joe blow hair
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  • I'm drinking milk out of a carton hair
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  • No hair
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends what you look like. The metro hair would work if you had middle eastern facial features and thick eyebrows.

    The secondary hair would work if you were slim and fit

    the third hair option would work if you were european or white

    the fourth hair option would work if muscular or somewhat bulky

    • full score.

      The 1st one is a middle-eastern male model.
      The 2nd one is a US marine.
      The 3rd one is... uh... European and white.
      The last one is Jason Statham. Not exactly bulky but surely muscular.

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  • Try doing a heavy amount of sport with the fancy hairdo or the long hair, it's going to get in the way in most activities

    • when you walk up close to someone with fancy hair , it always look very.. rigid... like its made of toffee or something.
      So I guess its pretty much 99% hair gel for em.

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