Men are very visual - but ladies don't seem to put as much emphasis on looks

Don't seem to put as much emphasis on looks or they get attracted by other things than just looks or may be initially a feature such as lips, shoulders..

So what is it about your partner's features or personality that just drive you mad or makes you horny...?


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  • I have always been attracted to eyes, sometime my ex would just gaze at me & they could say a million words. Shoulders are also a turn on cause of the protection thing & I love cuddles & hugs. Scars I think can be sexy, I'm not really sure why, but little ones can definately be very very sexy.

    Overal though, confidence outweighs everything. If you are confident you often don't need looks to accompany it. The guy in Aerosmith is extremely ugly, but there is something very very sexy about him & his presence/confidence, whereas women there doesn't seem to be that. Women need good lucks to be sexy, please correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I've noticed.

    • I think you are dead on, My Girlfriend keeps saying she loves my lips and my inner smile

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  • Shoulders absolutely, the protector thing as SY said.

    I also find the inside of a man's wrist (with a watch on too!) really sensual and sexy.

    Feet because men don't show off their feet as much as women do, so if you are seeing them bare, he must be pretty comfy with you. Hands, voices and smiles.

    It's all good, usually!


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