Beginners freelance makeup kit?

I would like to start building up my makeup kit, while I'm in college. I've been thinking about becoming a freelance Mua as a side thing. Any suggestions as to what I can start my makeup kit with? I have foundations, concealers, brushes etc but what brands would you recommend? Thank you for the help 😙😙


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  • lol im a MUA! its so good to meet an aspiring MUA as well. tbh i started back in hs before i got all of my licenses and stuff but i actually started out with drug store stuff then later on i got my licenses worked for very well known salon and used their stuff (MAC and shit) and then when i went on my own i bought nearly everything because i find that as long as its safe and your client is lookin hot girl you're gonna be fine :D

    • Lol yayy :D I started my love for makeup my freshmen year in hs. Now that I'm graduated and going off to college I wanna build up my makeup kit. Been buying stuff like bh cosmetics, Nyx etc but yas. Thank you for the insight makes me feel better about doing makeup 😄😄

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