Any wedding outfit ideas?

My parent's friend invited my family to a wedding (in a church), its in around 2 weeks. I have no idea what to wear!! Im small for my age, so i usually wear XS or S. If you can find a dress or an outfit, it would be awesome!
thanks <3


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  • What ever dress you choose I suggest going with a garter belt and stockings or just some stay - up stocks over Pantyhose because way more comfortable


What Girls Said 1

  • OMG I LOVE WEDDINGS! i find that for church stick to something more appropriate like a white dress top with black dress pants a pearl & gold statement necklace 3 to 4 inch heels and since your petite wear a belt around your waist. curl your hair but braid it on one side and wear a pair of earrings no bigger than 1 inch


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