Is it really okay to dye thin hair?

What's the best hair color product that is ammonia-free in the market that you could suggest?

should i do it myself or go to salon?
  • L'oreal
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  • Garnier
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  • Revlon
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  • If it's your first time dying it, I'd go to a salon. My friend's first time dying her own hair (she had brown and wanted to go light brown/almost blonde) ended up with orange hair. They always know what they're doing at the salon, and will be able to mix the color to get it to what you want! With thin hair, I suggest not bleaching it beforehand because the bleach dries out hair, especially if you have wave/curly hair.


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  • If you had to, I'd go for Garnier - dye with the natural oils in it - doesn't damage the hair one bit (ad least it didn't damage mine).

  • If it is your first time dying your hair - DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF! With that being said just simply go to a professional specifically someone who knows what they are doing. I would give you my aunt if you lived in Staten Island but since I do not know where you live - I am sorry but make sure that that person has good reviews and there are lines for them or they only want that one person...

    Plus its your hair so please take care of it!


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