Is it okay to color dye a thin hair?

Will get damage badly?

what are the things i need to consider before dying my hair?


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  • I wouldn't.
    If it's think - very thin - I'd be scared to dye it.

    I think it's best to ask your hair stylist though... I'm sure she/he will know best. (someone that you know well, not just someone that wants to make money off of you...)


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  • my mother has extremely thin hair, like you can see through it almost, and she dyes it regularly. I've actually read that dying it can coat it and protect your hair and make it appear thicker. So yes, go for it :)

  • Have you dyed it ever in your life? What colour is your hair now and what colour do you want to dye it into?

    • i never dyed my hair before. i'm a fair-skinned Asian with a dark ash brown hair, and i want to have a medium chestnut color dye

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    • ok. tnx, actually i had my hair straightened so i think i must do it in a salon :)

    • Yes, good thinking

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