I have long red hair, but I want a pixie cut and I want to dye it black. Questions about black hair dye?

I've also had shoulder length dark brown hair and I think it looked good with my fair skin.
I've always liked the look of light skin and eyes with dark hair.

But I've heard red hair doesn't hold dye well. Even with the dark brown it gradually faded. Would black look weird faded?

How would I go about dying my roots?

Any info about dying hair or experiences with dying hair (esp if you have red hair)


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  • Make sure that's really what you want. It is a big jump to go from red to black. I have dirty blonde hair and I dyed mine black when I was in college because I was sick of my natural color and thought I was too plain. The first time I dyed it, it came out dark brown - which is probably what will happen to you. Another time dying it and it should be black. Hair dye really damages your hair too. I don't know how conservative your family is, but my parents flipped out when I came home with black hair, they treated me like I was some freak. I ended up going to a hair stylist and they were able to get it back to my natural color pretty much. I liked the black hair but I got sick of it within a couple months. Make sure your skin tone will go well with it. I had to keep dying it because my blonde roots would come back and that looked weird. Also, I have blonde eyebrows so I would put black eyeliner or shadow on them to match my hair more, haha. That's another thing to consider is you will have red eyebrows with the black hair. So just from my experience, you should evaluate first before taking the jump, but if you really want to, go for it.

    • My fam wouldn't care lol they're just waiting for me to actually do it since I keep saying I want to.
      My eyebrows are more of a brown or darker auburn but the cut I want is short but with bangs (that's still a pixie right?)
      I'm more worried about bright red roots, it looked really weird when I dyed my hair dark brown, but I just let it grow out and fade.

      How often did you need to dye your roots?

    • My hair grows fast so I was dying my roots like every 2-2 weeks I want to say. Personally, I have been growing my natural color out (from dying it lighter blonde) and trying to embrace that because dying is so much maintenance and damaging to the hair. But don't let me deter you, you should do what you want. I always say make yourself look your best (to you) and then you will feel confident and that is all that matters. Forget about trying to fit in with standard beauty.

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  • I think you would look super sexy, I love pixie hair cut and black hair cut. Add the light eyes and you seem to be my desired match. I dont think black fades as quick as brighter colors like red, green, blue, pink. I know because I have had my hair dyed to all of those colors. (green) was my favorite.


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  • I dye my hair with indigo (sold as black henna). It basically coats your hair and you have to grow it out or bleach your hair in order to get the dye out. The latter is pretty harsh on your hair, so before using it you have to be certain about committing to it.
    Here is a link that explains it all and videos on how to do it.

  • natural red hair is better than all other colors

  • black hair would just fade to brown & just dye your roots normally its black so you shouldn't have to worry much :)


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