I need more opinions on this shirt for freshman year?

I'm not girly most of the time, so this shirt kind of clashes with my personality. But other times I'm full on flirt and using myself to its full advantage ;) that doesn't happen often. But I wanted to know if this shirt is too young or girly or too dressy for freshman year. I would rather be in the back of the class having a panic attack in a comfy t shirt instead of this "top". But if enough people like it I would feel way better :) I'm the type of person who loves something then buys it only to freak out and tell myself what was I thinking when I need to wear it and be cool. If you know what I mean XD so yeah any opinions? I can't get a picture of it but it's a black floral shirt with like a vintage-y flowery look about it, and it's pleated on the bottom so it's kind of flouncy. The flowers are mainly pink and rose-y colors. It's got a wide scoop neck and elbow length sleeves. I would just wear it with dark jeans. Anyone know what shoes I should wear with it? I got it from Sears in the junior section. :/ Do you think it sounds too girly? It's definitely the boldest thing I have in my closet.


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  • I need a picture if you can get one, but it sounds cute. I would wear it with a pair of sandals, just something very simple. Probably a lighter brown color.

    • Also, it does not sound too girly. I regularly wear statement necklaces, scarves etc. because I'm pretty girly, but I also wear t-shirts or a zip up and leggings. It just depends on the day. If you feel unconfident in it, then don't wear it - but if you look in the mirror and like what you see, WEAR IT! Don't care about what other people think. Trust me, whenever I put together an adorable outfit with a necklace and whatnot I'm always nervous that people will think I'm weird or something, but then I wear it to school and feel adorable as hell and people compliment me.
      Basically, if you like it, screw what anyone else thinks. I'm sure you'll look super cute!

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    • Cute shirt! Definitley wear it with lighter wash jeans and some sandals (:
      Don't worry, I completely get it. A bunch of people dress up for the first day (dresses and skirts and stuff) but trust me, the first day everyone's just worrying about how they look.

    • thanks so much :3

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