When is it not appropriate to wear a neck tie and slacks? My parents keep telling me to dress differently?

In what occasions would wearing a necktie, dress slacks, and a button up shirt be unacceptable? This is what I usually wear, but lately my parents have been complaining, saying that I," Dress to formal for what we're doing", or," People are going to think your a pompus a$$, go change!" Usually what we're doing when they say this is, going out to a city for a day, going to a store of somekind, a museum, or just for a walk. I'd understand if we were going to a lake, or hiking, or someplace where I had to do some kind work.
When they see me dressed that way they tell me to put shorts and a short sleeve button-up shirts on. Since I don't like shorts and a button-up short sleeve shirt I come back down in dark blue jeans with a tucked in dress shirt with the sleeves rolled. They then proceed to tell me that I'm still to formal, but it will do.
Thus, I need to know when it is not appropriate to wear a tie.


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  • Quick don't wear going to/doing examples:
    1) A bad neighborhood affiliated with violence and drug cartel
    2) A low income end of town/business/family home when having business meetings
    3) Thrift stores/antique shops/yard sells/flea markets/comic shops/sports stores/Walmart
    4) BBQs or cook outs (unless it's church affiliated)
    5) To public schools without uniforms on non eventual days
    6) A hospital visiting the sick or waiting on loved ones to exit surgery (my family members often take their ties off but have them in their hands rubbing them or in pocket)
    7) Baby shower (not typical in modern day)
    8) Low end/non formal restaurants (won't need a tie for McDonalds)
    9) Working on messy chores (cooking/cleaning/fixing the lawn mower)
    Otherwise It's up to you. It sounds to me like your parents just don't know how to appreciate a well dressed young man. Guys where I'm originally from would wear ties to tractor pulls and just about everything else!


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  • If you are going to school, hanging out with friends, or really any casual activity, it is not very appropriate. Save those fancy slacks and shiny shoes for dances, church, or semi-special occasions. :)


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