Should I wear it to the beach?

I'm going surfing tomorrow on the pacific coast (California) alone. I just move here, so I am not exactly sure how to be Californian. Everyone says to wear a wetsuit when you surf, but I heard that girls don't like a guy in a wetsuit. Should I wear it anyway, if I want to meet girls? I am very handsome, apparently, because I've had plenty of girls tell me so. So wearing a wetsuit is really the only thing that could turn them off at first sight, because I've heard that girls don't like to wear them and don't like to see them.
i can't find a good color


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  • The water is freaking cold in Cali. Wear a swimsuit under your wetsuit. If you get tired of the wetsuit, take it off.

    • but won't girls think I like stupid when it is on?

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    • People won't think you're stupid. I went surfing before in California and had a hot instructor. Girls can look past the wetsuit, and see that sexy face. Just don't wipe out too much.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Well I live in Florida, and some guy wear the suit and others don't. But for safety reason, I suggest that you wear the wet suit.

    • but don't girls find them unattractive?

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    • I honestly don't care lol, I would still secretly check them out.

      Also Im not really a surfer myself, scratch that, I suck at surfing and would never try it again but they have the wetsuits for a reason right?

    • Secretly check the guys out by the way

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