Wedding advice and fashion advice please!?

So the dress that I'm wearing next month to this wedding looks like this: neimanmarcus. com/Lilly-Pulitzer-Deanna-Metallic-Clip-Dot-Maxi-Dress/prod166250287/p. prod? ecid=NMCIGoogleProductAds&ci_sku=sku149721281&ci_gpa=pla
I couldn't add the www. apparently you have to be level 2? anyway I'm not sure what type of shoes to pair with it, I was thinking some nude heels? I'm not very good with accessories either and since the dress has bits of metallic on it I don't want to over do it.
I have naturally curly, thick hair so i'm not too sure on what to do as far as thats concerned for styling. I was thinking an updo but I have no clue.
ALSO, I was invited to the bachelorette party and the bridal party ( I do not know the bride personally, but her fiancee and my boyfriend are childhood best friends so I think she's doing this to be nice and to not make me feel outcasted) I'm 19 so I don't want to be the dweeby girl who can't drink, I'm assuming thats a big part of the bachelorette party (I've never been to one) I'm not even really sure on what to wear to that either! I'm not even sure on what to get her because I don't know her!


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  • I think nude heels would work and for accessories a nice necklace and a ring. I think a updo would look nice. Sorry, I am not the greatest when it goes to accessories/hair.

    For the bachelorette party see if you can find out where it is. That would give be a better idea of what you should wear and what type of party it might me. For the gift maybe ask your boyfriend or someone else who might know her better and come up with something.


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  • The only fashion advice I have is instead of hose go with a garter belt and stockings, or some stay-ups. Much more comfortable


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