Are there style guidelines for "layering" outfits?

I've moved away from wearing AE and Hollister for the most part, at least their polos and Ts that have the logos on them; I just don't like them anymore because everyone wears them. Anyway, I like a lot of Arizona's Ts, button-downs, and short-sleeve button-downs. Stuff at JC Penny is what I've been shopping for. I was just wondering how to make a layered outfit look right.

For example, what sort of clothes do you layer with?

I bought some plaid woven short-sleeve button-downs from Arizona, and I have some long-sleeve button-downs that are either basic (thin vertical stripes) or kind of flannel/plaid. And I'm planning on getting some new graphic polos and Ts.

Often I just wear jeans and T-shirt but I also want to have better-looking outfits for casual nights out or on campus. I don't have any female friends, otherwise I'd get them to help :( I just want to have outfits that girls would approve of and make me look I know how to look good.


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  • I think just a basic white undershirt would look good under that stuff.

    Like this: link and this link

    • Cool, that's actually what I usually do, but I often see ads with polos being worn over colored tees, and button-downs with long-sleeve tees and things like that.

  • Ok, when it comes to layering, the best rule to stick with is to stay with the flow. If your shirt is a warm tone, like red, orange, or yellow, wear a warm tone wife beater or shirt underneath and vice verse for dark tones. If you want to be exciting, try to wear a subtly contrasting color underneath, i.e if you are wearing a green polo, try a nice russet or maroon undershirt. For plaid, try to pick out one of the colors included in the shirt to mirror in the undershirt, don't go too crazy with the colors.


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