How to match a jean shirt?

its kind of wide and i ve tried some things but i dont think it looks good with anything so if you have any ideas as to how can i match it let me know!:D thnks!


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  • 1) leggings (that reach mid-calf) with vans/low tops and button up the jean shirt
    2) Short-shorts with a tight, plain tank top and wear the jean shirt on top. Roll up the sleeves and dont button up the shirt
    3) Flowy Medium length skirt (that reaches midthigh) Tuck in the shirt and roll up the sleeves
    4) Pencil skirt (reaches mid thigh) Tuck in the shirt and roll up the sleeves

    Hope that helped :)


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  • They look great with bright coloured trousers duly matched with high heeled sandals and aviator sunglasses !!!


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