GUYS: If it is done well, what is your favorite?

Boys, if it is well done, what color looks best on a woman, specifically for these three things:
1) eye shadow
2) nail polish
3) eyeliner
(Btw you can pick any color for all three and don't forget black and white and metallics like silver, gold, and bronze.)
Feel free to include pictures of styles you find pretty/attractive.


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  • I like that thing when girls do that thing with their eyeliner where it curves upwards at then. I probably sound real dumb but I don't know what its called lmao. Girls please help me out lol

    • lol it's called liquid or gel liner and the thing at the end is called a wing. I like that style too :)

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  • 1) Little to no eye shadow, I like a woman with naturally large and beautiful eyes. Color must be a dark color but has to be very subtle.

    2) Red or black, but actually my favorite is french manicure.

    3) Same as 1.


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