Tights vs Super skinny jeans?

When my friend asked from girls if they are okay with that when guy wears skin tight jeans, then girls said "hell no" and called it gay, but when same question was asked about guys in tights, or sport people, like in skin tight tights, then girls said: "its hot thing to wear" , "totally hetero. no gay"
How come that guys are not allowed to wear skin tight jeans but are allowed to wear skin tight tights?


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  • i think guys should wear whatever they feel like wearing... if they like or feel comfortable that ways its totally fine... can you imagine a similar thread with guys asking should fat chicks wear... or telling women what THEY thought we should wear... i dont think so! its the 21st century guys!


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  • Both of those options look ridiculous.

    But super people have to wear tights - to be able to move faster and not be held back by clothing they wear. it's a second skin to a super hero.
    If you're not a super hero... there's no excuse for wearing tights.
    And about skinny jeans - there's no excuse for them ever - if you're a guy.

    • So you telling me that when i have excuse to wear skin tights (like for sport), then it´s okay and not gay, but when i wear those skin tights because i feel so good in tights and wearing just because i like this, then im gay? Eh... it´s like when i do gay sex for money, then it´s okay thing, but when i do gay sex for pleasure, then im gay? Please tell me.

    • Who said anything about being gay or about sex?

      Why do you even care what anyone thinks, you obviously want to wear tights no matter what anyone thinks, so don't ask... just wear them.

    • Yeah you can give your opinion but it's just YOUR opinion, plenty of girls like it. Don't make your narrow minded perception bleed onto others people. By the tone, you are ridiculous yourself.

  • I think tight jeans on a man makes him look fem. On a girl is ok if she is fit and no muffin top.

    Why do you want your dick and balls to be so compressed?


  • both so revolting i can not even begin to imagine and articulate how silly a man is who wears those type of things.

  • On guys slim jeans or normal jeans look better in my opinion


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