I think my style is too "Tomboy" how can I girl-ify some of my outfits?

Is my style too "tomboyish"? I usually wear skinny jeans or pants, t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, athletic sandals with athletic socks. Clothes like that. I almost always wear a high ponytail too. How can I be more girly while still being comfy?

Examples of what I wear daily:
(Dark Gray Aqua)

(Aqua Spirit Teal)

(Capital Gray Pink Lai and Aqua Silver Gray Coral)

(Gray Cobblestone)

(Pink and Blue)


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  • All people need are just keey statement pieces, the kind that make the outfit, not are the outfit. For example:
    -Booties with a 2 and a half inch heel will dress up an outfit, look cute with skinny jeans
    -Earrings will dress up your face and draw attention to it
    -Have a couple of V neck tops in flattering colours like black, bright red, or royal blue, that way you have a little cleavage and the color makes you pop
    -Ponytail is minimum effort, and it can show! Especially when u do it everyday! If you're going to put your hair up then do a style that looks like you've put effort into it or else keep you hair down but styled, again show effort! Do a ponytail once in a while.
    -invest in a stylish coat for the winter, since it will be covering your outfit most of the time.
    - Get a timeless faux leather purse, faux leather is classy so it will dress up your outfit and it won't go out of style

    You dont need a whole new wardrobe just little statement pieces that will dress up whatever you have. I suggest you look up some celebrities, find a few that have a style you like and then google their outfits and look for similarities among their outfits, their statement pieces.


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  • Socks with sandals O. o
    Damn woman!

    Okay... none of those clothing looks attractive combines with one another.
    However, those pants look nice if combined with a cute top (sequin, lively colors, something cute: media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/.../...e3f28b60d912.jpg )

    Also, the third link shirt is nice paired with some colorful skinny jeans or pants that go right above your knee...

    Try some nice hoodies. Not sporty ones, but ones that are more beach-y



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  • I'm def a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. If I'm wearing shorts and it's a little chilly, I'll wear tights or a thin pair of leggings underneath it with either converse, laceup skater boots, or combat boots.
    Leggings are great because they're cute and really really comfortable. Throwing a plaid shirt over a tank top with a pair of jeans/shorts is cute and still casual. I also really like knee high socks that peak out of my boots.

  • All of that all of those clothes look pretty girly to me after all you're not running around in combat boots cowboy boots wranglers button up now they're not really guy oriented close your show all the clothes you show her client oriented quit worrying enjoy your life your fine. Not that I find that there's anything wrong with seeing Females in combat boots cowboy boots wranglers etc.

  • Avoid all sports wear from top to bottom !!! T -shirt and jeans are fine but very loose sweatshirts and track pants are a turn off. It will make others feel like you wear the same thing everyday.
    All those costumes are fine when you are playing or at home. In anycase most teens wear these during that period !!! so chill !!

  • A skirt would probably comfortable and its girlish.

  • oh wait don't do it... being a tomboy is COOL. you don't have to be girly...


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